So i’m thinking about deleting this blog sine i dont use it


i will start another blog with pruame dont worry but i am not uploading

just got to talk to mieu and  maybe reblog some stuff onto my blog


thanks for stiking with me dudes uwu))

((I haven’t updated this blog


Prussia admin it really sorry.


((Prussia Mun:

I know this is weird to ask, but can you check out this blog? It’s… the concept behind it is hard to explain, but just check it out.

It’s an incredibly adorable idea, and she only has a couple of followers. And she’s pretty cool

So… yeah..))



I haven’t seen 2p!America, and i really don’t want to see him.

Though My 2p! looks… kinda like a pussy.

Hey America wha-



((Prussia Mun: Sorry for not updating as much, I really have no reason why.


Anyway, MIeu (America mun) has been feeling a little sick lately. And since i’m kinda new the the character blog thing i sometimes stray too much.

Ha.. haha….

Don’t worry, i still check messages. But non seem to click as much.

But i will get on some drawings! Don’t worry!))

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adoxographyy-gurl sent: Can u do another story please?!?!

((Prussia mun:

As… As in written story?))


We do. A lot. Very often. Just… a lot okay?

It’s kinda hard to catch up sometimes cause,…. well i’m kinda old (don’t say shit i will rip your throat) and America has really high libido.

As in…

Really fucking high i can’t freaking move can you not


I don’t have many kinks, since they’re kinda… boring. Though S&M, handcuffs and kinda rougher sex is good with me


He does have one kink I also like…


N-not that i mind…

Anonymous sent: ((Omg this blog is so precious. The art styles are great, the characters are in character and the pairings my otp it's just asdfghjkl; /dies/ ))

((Prussia Mun: SHHHHHHHH nooo anon noooo


You’re percious you amazing thing.

prussia is in character fkldsaj;fkasf?

And PruAme is amazing isn’t it?

*weeps in joy*))

What do i do now…?

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No, Anon. Since it seemed Prussia forgot my birthday, I find it’s pointless to hold the party at any rate. I guess I will let this day pass in silence, despite I didn’t expect you guys would celebrate this day with me. Thank you so much, I’m really grateful but I’m so sorry that I can’t be in the mood for the party after all…

«Guys, I want to say that you guys just don’t know how much this mean to me. This is the first time I RP America and I got no confidence myself so I’m kinda accept when he got no celebration today as I didn’t mean to celebrate it as well (this is not an Al’s blog anyways). So I focused on drawing gifts to other Al’s blogs that are much more amazing than me until my hands are numb and hurt a lot, that’s why the pictures are so crappy, I’m so sorry about this.


Also, I think Prussia’s mun literally forgot Al’s birthday, I didn’t hear she mention anything the entire day so yea, I’m kinda depressed as I want to pass the day in silence same as Al.»